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Our #1 selling grip!  With the PURE Pro, comfort and control are yours for the taking. Unique uniform traction is engineered to provide maximum feedback and control with a firm, tacky feel.  The PURE Pro features a deep “W”- shaped texture pattern around a seamless grip using PURE Grips’ exclusive EPDM rubber compound. The velvety-feel of the PURE Pro is a great grip for all types of golfers.

PURE Pro also available in neon colors!

TEXTURE & FEEL:  Tacky, Firm

CORE SIZE:   .580 round (Undersized) .600 round (Standard/Midsize)

CUSTOMIZE:  Design Now


Top Cap Bottom
Undersize 0.98 in   |   24.9 mm 0.64 in   |   16.3 mm
Standard 1.02 in   |   25.9 mm 0.64 in   |   16.3 mm
Midsize 1.09 in  |   27.7 mm 0.67 in   |   17.0 mm


GRIP WEIGHTS:  Weight variance +/- 1 gram

Undersize 42.6 45.9 41.2 41.4 40.8 42.6 41.2
Standard 49.2 52.6 47.6 47.6 46.9 47.4 47.3
Midsize 58.4 62.8 56.2 56.6 55.6 57.1 56.5



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 75 reviews
    Steven J.
    Pure Grips

    Fast delivery--Great grips very tacky!! love them!!

    michael kennedy
    If we can put a man on the moon, why can't we.....?

    I NEVER write a review. But my least favorite job just became my most favorite job, and that is remarkable. Once I got the old Win Grips off and the tape and goo off and once I got down to shinny bare metal, it was a 30-second job. Of course, leaving the grip end of the clubs to soak in a gallon can of "Goof Off" (after cutting the old grip off), took a lot of time, but I just don't care. Pure Grips exorcised every re-gripping demon I had accumulated. I can hardly wait till I have to re-grip AGAIN. 30 seconds off; 30 seconds on. Truth is: some inventor noticed that little hole at the butt end of his grip, didn't he/she? Smart. Wish it had been me.

    tony stephenson
    The best grips for your needs

    I have tried the putter grips and 2 of the swing grips and they have performed very well! I hope to try the other of the swing grips later this year. They have held up very well this summer.