PURE DTX Midsize Black
PURE DTX Midsize Black

PURE DTX Midsize Black

Sale price$10.99
Grip Size: Midsize
Color: PURE Black Neon Colors:
PURE DTX is our most aggressive grip. The rough, dual-texture of the PURE DTX simulates the feel of a cord grip without tearing up your hands! The PURE DTX grip combines the technology of PURE Grips’ exclusive PURE Tack rubber compound with a heavy contrasting texture for ultimate performance and control with every golf swing.

TEXTURE & FEEL: Rough & Tacky

The Other Grip vs The PURE DTX

Features & Benefits
The Other Grip
Heavy Surface Texture
Proven Grip with High Ratings
Core Size .600 Round (Standard)
Long Lasting

Their own customers honestly admit that though they like the grips, BUT they have to replace them three times per year! Corded grips introduce moisture into the the interior layers of the grip. Likely not a sound construction methodology for durability.

PURE Grips are made with one material, EPDM rubber. EPDM rubber is one of the most durable products on the market. EPDM rubber is so UV resistant and durable that it's used to roofs! Oh, and these roofs typically come with a warranty up to 30 years*. Because we use only the best materials, like EPDM rubber, is why we can guarantee our grips for 100 USGA golf rounds.
Tape & Solvent Free

Buy a set of the other grips and you'll have to wait, and wait, and wait. First you'll have to take all that time installing the grips using tape and solvent and then you'll have to wait another day for your clubs to be playable. You'll also have to clean up that messy solvent and hope none of it got absorbed into the cords on those grips. The grips could be ruined before you even play them!

PURE Grips advanced technology makes for tapeless installation and changes that "old-school" tape and solvent paradigm. And the best part... you can head immediately to the course after installation because there is ZERO drying time.
Made in the U.S.A.

Manufactured and imported from foreign countries.

PURE Grips are Made in the USA! (Arizona to be exact).

+/- 3.5 g

I guess those guys think they're playing horseshoes.

+/- 1 g

Because we take quality control seriously and hand inspect every grip before we sell them to our customers.


Black with white cap only.


Pick your favorite!

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