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Rhythm Red
Caddie Blue
Pitch Purple
Titanium Grey
Players Green

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Our most aggressive grip gives a dual-texture for maximum control! The innovative PURE DTX grip combines the technology of PURE Grips’ exclusive PURE Tack rubber compound with a heavy contrasting texture for the ultimate performance and connection with your club.

TEXTURE & FEEL: Rough & Tacky

CORE SIZE:   .600 round

GRIP WEIGHTS:  Weight variance +/- 1 gram

Standard 46.1 49.8 44.8 45.3 44.5 45.8 41.5
Midsize 58.2 63.1 56.6 57.0 56.5 57.1 56.5
  • Clean with mild soap and water 
  • Some lotions, sunscreens, etc. can compromise the appearance and performance over time (especially on Driver White grips)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pure DTX

The best grip I’ve ever play. Works great in wet weather too.

The Best Grips are Pure Grips

I am a professional club builder, and some 5 years ago or so, a colleague pressed a club with a grey Midsize DTX into my hands...that's when the love of Pure Grips began. Clearly, I am exposed to new product all the time, and can pick and choose, from among the whole lot, only the very best for my personal preferences. I may be redundant in this review compared with my review of The Big Dawg (Oversize) Putter Grip, but:
1. Pure Grips last forever
a. Think of how you're helping the environment by not tossing lesser grips away after only 40-50 rounds as all the other manufacturers suggest
2. Pure Grips rubber is not even comparable to anything else: beautiful tack, excellent transmission of feel, amazing control and no twisting or slipping
3. Standard taper is preferred, allowing for "tape artistry" and reduced taper only if desired (well, I do of course)
4. Price is right
5. The COLORS!
6. All the models are fantastic and I've installed every variety on plenty of clubs, but the DTX is the most unique feeling grip I've ever used - I never knew a grip with so much aggressive texturing (akin to a cord grip) could also be tacky and comfortable...it's also the best performer of the bunch in my opinion when considering rain or sweaty palms

Okay, end rant. Go buy them.

Not bad

I have played nearly every grip on the market, and have never regripped my clubs with the same type of grip twice in a row. The overall feel of the grips is quite good. 3 out of 5 stars for the following reasons
1) grips felt a little soft and almost as if the shaft torqued at impact, only noticeable on really poor swings
2) the cap at the end makes it feel like the grip isn't on all the way
I am really nitpicking with these two points because other than that the grip has performed well for me, and with the exception of the two points mentioned, would be absolutely perfect.