Grip Installation

Installing PURE Grips

From our detailed installation video to our easy 10-step guide, you'll find all the information you need to install your new PURE Grips... and get to the course. Regripping your golf clubs couldn't be easier!

Zero Drying Time

PURE Grips installation requires zero drying time. And zero drying time means more time on the course. Get PURE Installation tools today and play more!

Custom Golf Grips by PURE Grips

How to Install PURE Grips



1. Attach PURE Air Gun Kit (PURE Green Attachment and Air Gun) to compressor hose.

2. Secure club in vice with a club sleeve to avoid damaging shaft.

3. Remove old grip with a hook blade, if it’s not a PURE Grip. (Use care when using the blade, cut away from your body.)  If removing a PURE Grip, simply blow off the grip using the PURE Air Gun Kit! 

4. Remove / replace old tape (optional).  We recommend blue painter’s tape for additional wraps and to place over the end of the shaft.

5. Place needle opening of PURE Green Attachment into the hole at the end of the grip.

6. Align your PURE Grip with the club shaft.

7. Using a small amount of air, expand the grip to fit over the shaft and gentlyapply forward pressure to guide the PURE Grip onto club shaft. NOTE:  Squeezing your PURE Grip too hard will constrict the flow of air and cause difficulty in installation.

8. Once the grip is within 2-3 inches from the end of the club, give it one firm, final push with the PURE Air Gun Kit.

9. Align and stretch the grip to your desired length using a small amount of air.

10. Release the PURE Grip from vice and head to the course!  

Recommended Items

Here are a few items recommended by our own customers for installing our grips to regrip your golf clubs.

Air Compressor

Air Compressor

We recommend an air compressor with 50 psi. According to our customers, the Craftsman 6-Gallon Single Stage Portable Electric Pancake Air Compressor is the best.

Blue Painter's Tape

Blue Painter's Tape

A 0.7 inch blue painter’s tape can help you build up your club and protect the end of the shaft.  Here’s a blue painter’s tape that can help you get the desired size.

Utility Knife and Blades

Utility Knife + Blades

Remove your old, non-PURE Grip with a Stanley 10 Utility Knife and Hook Blade. If you already have PURE Grips, you won’t need these items... just use your PURE Air Gun Kit.

Sleeve Vise for Golf Club Regripping

Sleeve Vise

A sleeve vise is a must for installation. Setup a permanent gripping station with Golfworks Quick Shaft sleeve vise. On the go? Get the Bessy Vacuum Base Vise.

Vise Clamp for Golf Club Regripping

Vise Clamp (Optional)

An optional vise clamp will hold your vise securely and prevent damage to the shaft. Our customers recommend the Wedge Guys Rubber Vise Clamp or the MAZEL Professional Golf Grip Kit