PURE Grips - PURE Air Gun Kit - Golf Balls

Grip Care

Grip Cleaning

Keeping your PURE Grips clean and feeling like new is paramount to your golf performance (and your health). If your grip feels like its losing tackiness, it may be due to normal build up of dirt, oils, or lotions. Just like your golf clubs, a clean club head will perform better than one filled with dirt and sand. We recommend wiping your PURE Grips with a dry cloth before every shot. It’s really that simple to keep PURE Grips tacky! 

PURE Accessory Kit

Clean golf grips and clubs equals better performance!  Our PURE Accessory Kit give you everything you need to keep your PURE Grips clean and tacky... on the go!  

Own the Green

Our putters are engineered to provide better accuracy and performance where it counts... on the green. Check out our selection of PURE Putters and "own the green."

A quick cleaning makes them tacky as new, and they've held up great in all conditions. Get you some PURE Grips!

Mike O.