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Yes! Our exclusive PURE Tack compound was specifically formulated to adhere securely to the club shaft without tape and solvent.

Using our proprietary installation gun allows you to install PURE Grips in a matter of minutes! No tape. No solvent. No mess. 

Learn more by visiting our PURE Installation page.  We’ve also included a step-by-step video tutorial.

We do NOT recommend using double-sided tape and solvent to install PURE Grips.  

Our grips were designed to be installed using our proprietary PURE Installation process, not tape and solvent.  If solvent runs onto the outside of PURE Grips, they could become slick… and no golfer wants that!

*Using tape and solvent will void the product warranty.

Yes, you can buy them directly on our website!

PURE Air Gun Kit

PURE Green Attachment

PURE Grips provides everything you need to keep your grips looking their best.  To keep your grips and your game “on par” we designed the PURE Accessory Kit that fits perfectly in your golf bag!  Here’s a quick video tutorial about prolonging the life of your PURE Grips and keeping them tacky.

If solvent gets on your PURE Grips, we recommend using water and a mild dish soap (like Dawn®) to clean your grips.  After cleaning, be sure to wipe your grips down with a clean, dry cloth towel. 

You may have to repeat this process several times in order to revive grip tackiness.

Grip weights and dimensions can be found on each individual product page and on the PURE Grip Weight page.

PURE Grips are made right here in the USA. Our manufacturing facility is located right in the heart of Arizona! In fact, most of our raw materials and supplies are also Made in the USA!