NEW PURE Accessory Kit


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Clean golf grips and clubs equals better performance!  Our PURE Accessory Kit give you everything you need to keep your PURE Grips clean and tacky... on the go!  

The PURE Accessory Kit includes:
  • PURE D-Brush - this little, but might brush is a great club and groove cleaner.  Get a clean club head with a single swipe.  The D-Brush boasts stiff, non-wire bristles and fits inside any pocket.
  • PURE Microfiber Towel - made of absorbent, lightweight microfiber material for easy cleaning and quick drying.
  • PURE Grip Cleaning Solution Bottle - bring your PURE Grips cleaning solution with you on the course in this convenient 2 fl oz spray bottle.  Simply add 1/2 tsp of mild dish soap to the empty bottle and fill with warm water to activate.  Shake well and get your clean on!
  • PURE Reusable, Compact Pouch - this kit comes in a sleek, compact resealable pouch.  Convenient for storing in your golf bag.  We even left a little extra room to add a PURE Divot Tool and a PURE Ball Marker!

DIY PURE Cleaning Solution:

  • Add 1/2 tsp mild dish soap to PURE Grip Cleaning Solution Bottle (2 fl oz)
  • Fill entire bottle with warm water to activate solution.
  • Shake well.
  • Spray solution onto half of the PURE Microfiber Towel ( be sure to leave part of the towel dry).
  • Wipe down PURE grip with dampened part of PURE Microfiber Towel.
  • Dry PURE grip with dry part of PURE Microfiber Towel.

Customer Reviews

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A bit expensive for what you get.

The price is a little much for a towel, a very small brush, and a spray bottle. The bag that it comes isn’t much more than a black freezer bag. This seems like a leftover trade show giveaway. I love Pure grips and everything else I have gotten from them in the past has been excellent.