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The Grip

golf grip spotlight on PURE Grips PURE DTX golf grip with a rough texture
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PURE DTX Golf Grip: For Golfers That Like it Rough

PURE Grips offers some of the best texture variations, sizes, and color options so there is a PURE Grip for every golfer! Let’s check out the PURE DTX and see why it’s for golfers who like to play "rough".
Golf Grip Spotlight on the PURE Pro Golf Grip
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Grip Spotlight: The PURE Pro Golf Grip

Face it, choosing a golf grip can be hard but so important for your golf game. Let’s check out the PURE Pro and see why it’s one of the most preferred golf grips in the industry.
6 Tips for Your First Tee-Off
beginner golf

6 Tips for Your First Tee-Off

A first experience with anything can be intimidating. Whether it is a new activity or new job it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the unknown, especially with golf.
the gift of golf - 6 things golf makes us thankful for
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The Gift of Golf: 6 Things Golf Makes Us Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on what we are most thankful for in our lives. If you are a golf enthusiast, this is the time of year to show gratitude for your golf outings while stuffing your face with pumpkin pie.
Winter wear clothing in layers for winter golf players
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Winter Wear: Layers for Winter Players

True golfers are always in pursuit of improving their game... all year-round. If you're the kind of golfer, we’ve got a few tips to keep your game "on par."
how to stay golf ready all year round
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How to Stay Golf-Ready Year Round

While all golfers dream of living in a golf paradise where the forecast is 80 degrees and sunny every day, most of us aren’t so lucky. There’s an always-too-short golf season and a way-too-long offseason where we’re stuck inside putting on our living room carpets.
How to Get the Most Out of Your Golf Game: A Lesson From PGA Instructor Alex Riggs
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Golf Game: A Lesson From PGA Instructor Alex Riggs

When it comes to getting the most out of your golf game, having the right equipment is important. Alex Riggs gives a lesson on finding the right golf grips to improve your game.
Get a Grip: 5 Ways to Improve Your Golf Grip Strength
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Get a Grip: 5 Ways to Improve Your Grip Strength

A perfect golf swing is nothing without a sturdy grip. The better the grip strength, the more proficient the golfer.
PURE Air Gun Kit - PURE Divot Tool - PURE Ball Marker

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Not just grips

Grips are "our game", but that's not all! Check oout our PURE Accessories for installation tools and other on the course extras.