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Posted on September 12 2019


Behind the best grips in the game is a dedicated team of golfers & golf lovers! PURE Grips very own Jack Spradlin played for 7 years on the PGA Tour & for 3 years on the Champions Tour (he's the real deal)! Since being at PURE Grips our team has quickly learned that Jack has some of the best on-the-course stories, swing advice, and any other golf wisdom you might need (and he can sink a 150 yard putt too)! Get to know Jack with his top insider tips and an exclusive glimpse into some unforgettable memories from playing on Tour.


Jack Spradlin at the RJR Championship in 2002 while playing on the Senior Tour (now known as the Champions Tour).

Who introduced you to golf? My father.

Best round you've ever played? I shot 60 at Fallbrook Golf Course. It was just a round with friends!

Favorite course you've ever played? Pebble Beach Golf Links

What's the hardest course you've ever played? Winged Foot Country Club during the 1984 US Open

Ever had a hole-in-one? I'm lucky to have eight holes in one!

Where's one place you've always wanted to play that you haven't yet? Augusta National

Favorite memory on the course? My son was my caddy during the MasterCard Championship on the Champion's Tour. It was my best finish, a tie for fourth place. But it was on number 18 when I went for the last hole in two a par five and hit it about 10 feet. My sons reaction I will never forget.

Favorite person to play with? Billy Casper, a great friend of mine and a Hall of Fame member.

Golfer you look up to the most? Jack Nicklaus

Do you have a current PGA Tour player that you like to root for? I enjoy watching Tiger Woods. His talent on the course is exceptional.

What grips do you play? PURE Grips PURE Pros in Caddie Blue & PURE Black

Favorite ball? Bridgestone

Gloves or no gloves? Gloves- I use Bridgestone.

One golf gadget that you can't live without? Range finder

Would you rather golf in HOT weather or COLD weather? Hot, but under 100 degrees.

Are you superstitious (do you bring a lucky rabbit's foot to the course, etc)? No, I'm not superstitious!

What do you struggle with most on the course? My chipping. The nerves are getting older!

What are some tips you'd give to someone who is brand new to golf? Start with the short game, chipping and putting.

Has anyone ever given you a piece of advice that changed your game and what was it? John Jacobs. I was playing with him and Roberto De Vincenzo, and I made a great putt and left the green. John came to me the next tee and told me out of respect for your playing partners wait at the green until they have also finished the hole.

What's the most valuable lesson that golf has taught you? Honesty. It's the only sport that you call penalties on yourself.


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