PURE Grips are Golf Grips Proudly Made in the USA

PURE: Proudly Made in the USA

Supporting American-based businesses and products “Made in the USA” has become more important than ever during the ongoing COVID-19 world pandemic. But let's face it, products made in the USA are far superior in many respects because of quality standards and regulated manufacturing processes.
Supporting American-based businesses and products “Made in the USA” has become more important than ever during the ongoing COVID-19 world pandemic. But let's face it, products made in the USA are far superior in many respects because of quality standards and regulated manufacturing processes.

Did you know that there’s a golf grip manufacturer based in the United States?

Well, let me introduce you to PURE Grips.  Since 2008, PURE Grips has been manufacturing golf grips in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona.  Intrigued?  Great!  Here’s a bit more about this US-based manufacturer and what makes them proudly “Made in the USA”:

About PURE Grips

PURE Grips is a family-owned, American-made golf manufacturer whose commitment to product quality has led to global recognition. Since 2008, PURE Grips has been making the tackiest, longest-lasting, most durable grips on the market. Proudly made in the USA, PURE Grips is the only company offering customization and tapeless installation. PURE Grips’ global presence extends to distributors and retailers in over 20 countries and partnerships with some of the best names in golf.

Why is “Made in the USA” SO important?

Better Quality. Consumers all around the world not only prefer products that are “Made in the USA” but are willing to pay more for them too. When products are “Made in the USA” they are associated with better quality and durability. This is because products manufactured in the United States are typically constructed with higher quality components, which increases the durability and longevity of products.

Higher Labor Standards. Many foreign countries are popular for manufacturing. Why? Because goods and labor are less expensive. However, this comes at a cost to their employees due to the less than ideal working environments and lack of minimum wage (and age!) restrictions. U.S. employers and manufacturing companies are held to higher labor standards which are enforced by federal and state laws. So, think about this...When you purchase a product that is “Made in the USA,” you won't be contributing to dangerous working conditions.

Job Creation. As more manufacturing processes move abroad, future generations of U.S. citizens will have a difficult time finding relevant jobs. Supporting American-made products will help keep your friends, family, and fellow citizens earning a living wage.

Safer Products. Other countries aren’t held to the same level of product safety standards. A well-known example is the poisonous levels of lead found in tens of millions of toys shipped to the United States. When you buy products “Made in the USA” you can be confident that stringent consumer protection laws and safety standards are enforced to protect you and your family.

Supports Local Economies. When you buy American-made, you're initiating a chain reaction of positive effects. As you know,  every “Made in the USA” purchase supports the national economy. More employed Americans equate to additional dollars to be invested back into your local economy.

So, what makes PURE Grips proudly “Made in the USA”?

Not many products are “Made in the USA” anymore, but PURE Grips are!  From start to finish. PURE Grips are injection molded, painted, quality checked, and shipped from Mesa, Arizona.

PURE-ly Quality Materials: Even PURE Grips’ raw materials are “Made in the USA” when possible. All PURE Grips are made with a proprietary EPDM rubber compound (or as we like to call it, PURE Tack) specially formulated to provide more control and responsiveness with each golf stroke. PURE Tack is stored in a temperature controlled, clean environment to ensure optimal product quality.

Quality Manufacturing: A quality golf grip requires a meticulous manufacturing process. PURE Grips uses an injection molding technique to create exceptional golf grips:

  • consistency in every grip
  • product durability
  • concentric product design (100% seamless grip)
  • exceptional structure and product integrity
  • high caliber texture and design
  • minimal waste

Quality People & Inspections: All PURE Grips undergo a strict 5-point quality review to ensure only the best quality grips are produced. What does this mean?  Simply put, if the grip doesn’t meet PURE production specialists highest standards, it is discarded. PURE Grips production specialists are passionate about delivering a quality product and take great pride in their work. Most production specialists at PURE Grips have been on the team for over 5 years! Needless to say, they know quality like the back of their hand.

Quality Guarantee: Manufacturing PURE Grips out of the United States, along with the unmatched durability and quality of PURE Grips, allows this family business to confidently offer a 12-month guarantee on ALL PURE Grips. You heard that correct - if your PURE Grip doesn’t last for at least 12-months, PURE Grips will send you a replacement.

Eco-conscious: Protecting customers, employees, and the environment from harmful chemicals is important to PURE Grips. PURE Grips takes great care in selecting eco-conscious materials and products when possible. They use a 100% natural cleaning solution (with a GRAS FDA Safety Rating) that is less harmful to the end user and the environment.  In fact, we are so passionate about being eco-conscious, even our installation is eco-friendly, and tapeless!  Watch tapeless installation

You can tell a lot about a product’s quality simply by where it is manufactured. These are just a few key elements that make American-made products a hot commodity and why the PURE Grips brand is sought after. It’s no wonder consumers around the world prefer products “Made in the USA”!

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