New Times, New Ways to Golf

Tiffany Jensen

Posted on March 27 2020

New Times, New Ways to Golf

Recent events have trapped most of us indoors and many golf courses are closed until further notice. That doesn’t mean your golf game has to come to a screeching halt. Now is the time to consider fine tuning your golf skills at home so when you hit the course again your game will be right on par.

Let’s think about the positives; home is a great place to work out kinks in your swing and practice your short game. At-home golf practice sessions can be a few minutes to a few hours, the choice is yours. You aren’t waiting on other golfers and vice versa. No pants? No problem. Golf in your pajamas or birthday suit. No one is judging you… except maybe your dog.

New Times, New Ways to Golf

There are so many innovative gadgets for at-home golf practice; artificial turf, simulators, putting greens, nets, mats and more. You can invest a lot of money into a professional simulator or get creative and do-it-yourself for a fraction of the price with common items found around the house. Set up your practice area in your backyard, basement, garage, and even the living room.

Home Practice Tip #1: Swing a heavy club.

Do 50 swings a day to help your strength flexibility and muscle memory. You may find that your speed increases as well.

Home Practice Tip #2: Hit balls into a net

Choose a place such as a garage, basement, or backyard to set up a net and make yourself a DIY driving range. This will allow you to focus more on mechanics and less on ball flight.

Home Practice Tip #3: Putting drills

Grab some tape and lay it in a straight line. Practice hitting short putts along the tape, using it as a path to guide your putter through the ball.

Home Practice Tip #4: Chipping drills

Use a carpet area or an artificial turf mat to practice short chips towards a target. This is all about consistency; get a feel for chipping a ball a short distance with a lofted club. A folded towel makes for a great landing target for short chipping drills.

This is also a great time to catch up on cleaning your clubs, organizing your golf bag and testing out a new set of grips. Thinking about trying a new grip style or size? PURE Grips offers a self-installation kit so you can easily switch out your old grips with PURE Grips at home without any tape, solvents, or glue. If you already own a compressor, simply use the PURE air gun kit to install your new set of PURE grips.

New Times, New Ways to Golf
PURE grip installation kit

While we cannot control these situations, we can absolutely make the best of them. Use these at-home practice tips and you’ll feel more than ready to get back on the course. Every cloud has a silver lining. It’s all about thinking outside the tee box!

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