How to be a DIYG (Do-It-Yourself-Golfer)

Tiffany Jensen

Posted on December 18 2020

How to be a DIYG (Do-It-Yourself-Golfer)

Spending more time at home in 2020 allowed us to hone in on some new skills and finish projects that we put on the back burner. Sound familiar?  Learning to “DIY” is rewarding and keeps a little moola in your pocket! If your New Year’s Resolution is to become more of a “DIY-er” in 2021, PURE Grips has you least when it comes to golf! Check out these DIY golf projects:

Do-It-Yourself Golf Grip Installation

So you bought yourself a new set of PURE Grips (or maybe Santa made a special delivery).  We know you want to hit the tee box immediately to test them out. We get it - new golf equipment is exciting! It’s like opening a gift on Christmas, but where is the excitement if you can’t use them right away? Well, you don’t have to worry about that with PURE Grips!

How to be a DIYG (Do-It-Yourself-Golfer)
PURE DIY Installation Kit for tapeless PURE Grip installation.

PURE Grips forever changed the golf grip game with the PURE DIY Grip Installation Kit. Instead of using adhesive tape or stinky solvents, PURE Grips uses the simple power of air to install grips as securely as any adhesive tape! Once installed on a steel or graphite shaft, PURE grips provide optimal stability.  Along with stability, the elasticity of their proprietary rubber compound combines with friction to create “rubber memory”. This “rubber memory” allows your PURE Grips to form to the shaft so it will not loosen or slip.  Did we mention that you can play a round right after installing PURE Grips?  Yep, PURE Grips requires ZERO drying time so you can enjoy MORE time on the course!  The PURE DIY Grip Installation Kit includes everything you need to install your new PURE Grips:


One of the quietest compressions in the industry. The PURE Compressor is ultra-light, and includes an oil-free pump, and an 8’ black hose. Our compressor features a compact structure, stable performance, high airflow rate, easy operation and maintenance. No assembly required.

PURE Grips Air Gun Kit

This air gun kit makes for an easy installation. Fits standard air compressor attachments with 27 NPS nozzle thread.

Don’t take our word for how easy it is!  Check out PURE Grips’  DIY installation video and see for yourself!:

Already have a compressor at home? Even better! PURE Grips sells the PURE Air Gun Kit and PURE Green Attachment separately so you can install your PURE Grips with your own compressor!

DIY Golf Grip Customizer

Want to take your 2021 DIY game a step further? PURE Grips offers the unique ability to customize grips with a logo or personal design. Customize a full-set of PURE Pro golf grips and design a PURE Putter to match! Simply add your personalization with the DIY PURE Grip Customizer and fully customize your new set of PURE Grips - color, paint, graphic, text, and font. Check it out:

It doesn’t stop there! With corporate packages, PURE Grips can even customize grips and create a package specifically to meet your business and branding needs!

How to be a DIYG (Do-It-Yourself-Golfer)
Custom PURE Putter

Pure Grips is helping you get a head-start on your DIY resolutions: Get 25% off all DIY Accessories, use code DIY at checkout! (Today only!)

BUT WAIT... THERE IS MORE! Order your new Custom PURE Grips and PURE DIY Installation Kit and get free shipping when you spend $100 or more!  I mean, who doesn’t like FREE shipping?!

Special Note to Our International Friends:  You can get your DIY on too!  PURE Grips now offers international shipping to Canada and all European countries.  PURE Grips may be “Made in the USA” but they are played around the world!

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