Honor a Vet on The Golf Course

Tiffany Jensen

Posted on November 11 2020

Honor a Vet on The Golf Course

Today is Veteran’s Day!  This is a day to celebrate and honor all America’s Veterans for their patriotism, bravery, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for our country.  Did you know that there are 20.2 million living veterans according to the U.S. Census Bureau?  Here’s another fun fact… 1.6 million of our veterans are women!  So chances are, you probably know a Veteran or two. Maybe you’ve met a veteran at the country club, because many veterans are golfers! In 2019, the Veteran’s Golf Association held over 350 veteran golf tournaments. That’s a lot of veterans, and a lot of golf!

Many businesses show appreciation for veterans with special promotions, sales, or events. In the golf community, your local club may be hosting a golf tournament or special event for honoring veterans. If you are not feeling the social or tournament vibe, here are a few more ways to recognize our veterans:

Buy them a round

Golf courses all over the country offer promotions for veterans; from waiving green fees, discounted pro shop merchandise, to reduced tournament entry and membership fees. Most golf courses also offer military discounts year round. Check out the Military Tee Times website, where you can search for courses near you and see current Veteran’s Day promotions for each course. Who knew it was so easy to honor a veteran with some fun outdoor recreation!

Offer a Mulligan

If your Veteran friend isn’t quite at the level of a professional golfer, offer them a Mulligan or two. Even if they don’t accept the offer, it’s the humble gesture that counts and the least we can do for those who have volunteered to protect our freedom.

Buy them… another round!

After your round of golf, buy your Veteran another round… at the bar! Just like buying your buddy a drink on their birthday, show them you appreciate the company and your friendship with a couple brewskis. Veterans love sharing their experiences, whether it is a war story or simply a happy hour dedicated to bragging about how they beat you at golf… be a good sport and a good listener!

Honor a Vet on The Golf Course

Introduce them to a Veteran Golf Program

If you, or a veteran you know has a love for golf be sure to check out the PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) and the Veteran Golfers Association. PGA HOPE is the flagship military program of PGA REACH that introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities to help enhance mental, physical, social and emotional well-being. PGA HOPE introduces the game of golf through a 6-8 week program, taught by PGA Professionals trained in adaptive golf and military cultural competency. Since this program is funded by PGA REACH and other PGA Foundations, the cost of the PGA HOPE Program is free to all Veterans! With this program, the PGA aspires to create a physically and emotionally healthier Veteran community by shaping lives, changing lives, and possibly saving lives through the game of golf.

Honor a Vet on The Golf Course
PGA Hope Veteran Golf Program

Gift Them A Product Made in the USA

If it weren’t for our vets, our opportunities here in the United States would not be where they are today! Show some extra appreciation with a set of PURE Grips, the tackiest, longest-lasting, most durable golf grips on the market, and just as important… made in the USA! In honor of Veteran’s Day PURE Grips is offering 30% OFF all Pitch Purple Grips (CODE: PURPLEHEART at checkout), including putters! Now is the perfect time to pick up some purple grips for America’s Purple Hearts!

Honor a Vet on The Golf Course
PURE Grips Veteran's Day Promotion

Simply put, thank them! A heartfelt thank you means a lot and we don’t say it often enough! No need to get all mushy about it, just let them know how much you appreciate their sacrifice and service to our country.

Honor a Vet on The Golf Course
Thank You Veterans

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