Grip Spotlight: The PURE Pro Golf Grip

Tiffany Jensen

Posted on April 24 2020

Grip Spotlight: The PURE Pro Golf Grip

So many golf grips, so little time on the course!  Face it, choosing a golf grip can be hard but so important for your golf game.  It’s the only thing that connects you to your club. Your golf grip needs to be comfortable, durable, AND be able to perform!

Let’s check out the PURE Pro and see why it’s one of the most preferred golf grips in the industry.

Grip Texture & Feel

The PURE Pro has a unique design featuring a deep “W”-shaped pattern (“W” for “winner”).  This “winning” design gives golfers a firm and tacky feel, which appeals to both the experienced golfer and novice alike.

Grip Spotlight: The PURE Pro Golf Grip
Standard PURE Pro in Caddie Blue

Grip Specs:

It’s getting serious now, the PURE Pro grip specs. We all know size (and quality) matters!

Grip Size Options:

  1. Undersize
  2. Standard
  3. Midsize

Grip Core Sizes:

  1. .580 round (Undersize)
  2. .600 round (Standard/Midsize)

Grip Color Options & Weight:

  • Grips vary by color - so choose carefully.
  • Weight variance +/- 1 gram (It’s a quality thing!  Always striving for PURE-perfection.)
Grip Spotlight: The PURE Pro Golf Grip
PURE pro golf grip colors and weight variances

Grip Comparison

So, how does the PURE Pro compare to other PURE Grips?

The PURE Pro offers a rougher texture than the PURE Wrap but much less aggressive than the PURE DTX.

What Customers Say

Ok let's face it, this all sounds great, but what do “actual” golfers think about the PURE Pro?  Here are a few quotes from real  PURE Pro users.

“I prefer a grip with good tack, soft feel, and long lasting durability. This is exactly what I find with the Pure Pro. Also, they make them in funky colors, which is an added bonus!”

-Alex Riggs, PGA Instructor & PURE Grips Ambassador

“These are the best quality, longest lasting grips I have ever used. They stay tacky and perform very well in all conditions. I highly recommend PURE Pros!”

-PURE Grips Online Customer & Reviewer

You heard it (right from the golfers)! Experienced golfers and “not-so-experienced” golfers choose the PURE Pro  golf grip for the low-profile design, firm response and maximum feedback.

Grip Customization:

Make your mark with a set of PURE Pro Custom golf grips! The PURE Pro grip is one of the only full-swing grips on the market offering personal customization. Add your design and/or text and choose a fun paint color. All you need is a little creativity (or get inspiration from others), PURE Grips will do the rest.

Custom PURE Pros make great gifts! (Mother’s Day is quickly approaching!  (Wink, wink).

Grip Spotlight: The PURE Pro Golf Grip
Custom PURE Pro golf grip

There you have it! The full rundown of  the PURE Pro! Finding a golf grip wasn’t that hard after all, was it?

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