Grip Spotlight: The NEW PURE COMBO

Tiffany Jensen

Posted on January 08 2021

Grip Spotlight: The NEW PURE COMBO

Planning on improving your golf game this year? It all starts with your only connection to the club: the grip. More golfers are switching to PURE Grips every year… but with so many great grip options, which PURE Grip do you choose!?

PURE Pro?  PURE DTX?  Can’t decide?  Well, now you don’t have to! We fused our two most popular grips into one to create the latest and greatest golf grip.

Introducing (drum roll please!) the PURE Combo Golf Grip:

Grip Spotlight: The NEW PURE COMBO
New PURE Combo Golf Grip in PURE Black

The PURE Combo is the newest edition to the PURE Grips family of golf grips.  This reduced taper golf grip features the texture from the popular PURE Pro AND innovative PURE DTX to bring a combination golf grip you will definitely want to get your hands on!

The PURE Combo is not only a juxtaposition of texture with a rough, cord-like traction on the top and a firm, velvety feel on the bottom; it’s also our first reduced taper grip!


The aggressive PURE DTX upper hand keeps you in command; your glove adheres to the grip, allowing for a softer hand providing better control of your swing. While the PURE Pro texture offers comfort and stability for the lower hand.

Grip Spotlight: The NEW PURE COMBO
PURE Combo dual texture featuring the PURE Pro & PURE DTX


The PURE Combo’s reduced taper decreases pressure on the right-hand and helps square up swing at impact creating a straighter, more accurate golf shot.

TEXTURE & FEEL:  Tacky, Velvety, Firm

CORE SIZE:   .600 round (Standard)

COMBO (BLACK) GRIP WEIGHT: 58.1g (Weight variance +/- 1 gram)

The PURE Combo is currently available in black, with more colors rolling out this  Spring. (We wouldn’t leave you hanging)!

And of course, just like all PURE Grips, the PURE Combo can be self-installed onto your golf clubs and ready to play within minutes with the PURE Installation Kit!

Grip Spotlight: The NEW PURE COMBO
PURE Installation Kit


  • Clean with mild soap and water
  • Some lotions, sunscreens, etc. can compromise the appearance and performance over time (especially on Driver White grips).

It doesn’t end there; Pure Grips has a few other surprises in the works for 2021! So, stay tuned for more special announcements and product releases in the coming months.

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