Golf and Back To School - PGA Junior Golf Camps

Gettin’ Schooled in Golf

After-school sports programs provide physical benefits, social development, and even help to cut down emotional stress. Learn about the best junior golf camps to help you introduce your children to the game of golf!
Back to school season is now in full-swing and we are slowly returning to a somewhat “normal” routine. But let’s not forget about after-school sports programs, as they are just as important for our children as a normal school schedule. They provide physical benefits, social development, and even help to cut down emotional stress. Let’s not forget the benefit of being outdoors!

Golf has become an increasingly popular extracurricular sport, especially because it was one of the few outdoor activities in operation during the uncertain times this year. Golf is also a non-impact sport, therefore it has the lowest risk of injury. Indoor and contact sports are not returning right away due to safety precautions so parents are taking an interest in enrolling their children in junior golf programs. Here are a few of the best junior golf camps to help you introduce your children to the game of golf:

PGA Junior Golf Camps

Junior golf camps are a great educational tool for young golfers who are new to the game. PGA Junior Golf Camps offer instruction from industry-leading PGA Professionals and top-tier college coaches. These camps give young golfers the opportunity to be in a team environment and allows them to get out of the house.

PGA Junior Golf Camp Highlights:

  • Instruction led by certified PGA Professionals
  • Signature PGA golf camp curriculum that focuses on developing critical golf skills: full swing, short game, rules and etiquette.
  • Games and activities to keep the experience fun and engaging.
  • A safe, educational environment with your child’s health & well-being in mind.
  • Skill level: beginner to intermediate.

Camp Locations (see the full list here):

Legacy Golf Performance Center in Phoenix, AZ

This is one of Arizona’s state of the art golf instruction facilities. It features 5 indoor hitting bays and a full indoor simulator so you can beat the heat in the summers.

Kennedy Golf Course in Denver, CO

This course has 27-holes of regulation golf and 9-holes of par 3 golf. Kennedy Golf Course gives juniors the ability to fine tune their short game skills on the par 3 course, practice putting on the putt-putt course, and work on their full-swing potential on the driving range.

The Club at Gateway in Fort Myers, FL

This course offers generous fairways, cape cod-style bunkers and the finest putting greens in the state. Juniors get a first-class experience with this practice facility with a double-sided range, multiple short-game areas, putting greens, and two practice holes.

Rick Murphy Golf Academy & Practice Center in Greensboro, NC

This golf academy combines the assessment of a young student’s golf skills and mental skills to improve physical fitness and conditioning. With a 25 acre practice area, this center includes two indoor studios as well as pitching areas, short game, chipping greens, sand bunkers, targets and a driving range.

Girls of Golf (LPGA)

The Girls of Golf provides quality golf instruction led by LPGA and PGA teaching professionals and certified coaches from The First Tee. These professionals help take girl golfers from beginners to advanced while showing them how much fun golf can be!

Girls of Golf Highlights:

  • Empowers girls ages 3-18 with opportunities to build confidence and dream big!
  • Develop their athletic abilities through tournaments, practice sessions, and family events
  • Open to all levels of play
  • The “Five E’s” mission:

Each location has a specific program, some meet every week, some once a month, and others are seasonal. Search for a Girls of Golf Camp to find a program in your area that’s the right fit for you and your daughter!

Is your child ready to put their professional golf skills to the test!? If so, The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) hosts junior tournaments and opens up opportunities to be recruited into college golf teams and programs. See how to register to play here.