Get a Grip: 5 Ways to Improve Your Golf Grip Strength

Get a Grip: 5 Ways to Improve Your Grip Strength

A perfect golf swing is nothing without a sturdy grip. The better the grip strength, the more proficient the golfer.
A perfect golf swing is nothing without a sturdy grip. And we aren’t just talking about PURE Grips, but the actual connection between your hands and the club. The better the grip strength, the more proficient the golfer.

Studies have found that reduced grip strength leads to failure in motor patterns and executing a consistent swing. Improving grip strength will allow you to transfer more force through your hands and wrists during your swing.

    1. Find Your Texture

      First and foremost, you need to make sure your hands fit comfortably on your golf grip and that it has the right texture to keep your hands from slipping. Even the strongest wrists are no match for a slippery golf grip. Think of your golf grips like tires on a racetrack. The more you play (drive) the more wear and tear on your grips (tires). Can a race car driver perform their best on the track with worn tires? No, and same goes for a golfer’s grips!

      The PURE DTX Golf Grip is one of the most aggressive golf grips that gives dual-texture for maximum control. The is grip combines the technology of PURE Grips’ exclusive PURE Tack rubber compound with a heavy contrasting texture for the ultimate performance and connection with your club.

      2. Exercise: Rope Climbs (or Rope Pulls)

      Rope climbing is a tremendous upper body, biceps, forearm, and grip builder that benefit many different athletes: football players, golfers, Olympic powerlifters, and many more. It has become a lost art in sports training that can significantly improve an athlete’s neuromuscular activation.

      To perform a rope climb, reach your arms overhead to grab the rope. Jump your feet up and grip the rope between your feet. Push off your feet and reach up higher, pulling yourself up the rope.

      3. Deadlift with a Double Overhand Grip

      An alternating grip is popular for powerlifting because it reduces the grip strength requirements, allowing for more weight to be loaded. However, in order for the deadlift to benefit a golfer’s grip, both hands must be turned to the overhand position. This takes the tension out of the elbow and biceps and transfers it to the forearms and shoulders.

      Pro tip: The Thicker The Stronger

      Thicken your grip by wrapping a towel around a standard barbell to improve your grip strength. This variation provides similar strengthening benefits as the double overhand deadlift, but amplified due to the larger circumference of the bar.

      4. Get Yourself A Hand Grip Strengthener

      Nowadays, there’s exercise equipment for everything. One of the most compact exercise machines you can use to improve your golf grip is a hand grip strengthener. This little piece of equipment is as simple as squeezing it repetitively to build wrist and forearm strength.

      5. Pick Up Something Heavy and Take It For a Walk

      You are probably building your wrist strength without even realizing it. Think of all those times you had to carry groceries into the house or lug a suitcase around for all that business travel. Believe it or not, heavy carrying involves  time under tension which builds your forearm and wrist strength. There is no better way to train and improve grip strength than picking up some heavy bags and taking them for a walk.

      Are you ready to get a grip on your game?

      When every link in the chain of your swing movement is strong, it can maximize the transfer of energy from your body to your hands. Give these grip strengthening tips a try and your golf game will be whistling a different tune!