Bringing Tacky Back: A Sneak Peak at the New PURE Super Tack (ST)

Tiffany Jensen

Posted on June 02 2020

Bringing Tacky Back: A Sneak Peak at the New PURE Super Tack (ST)

The word is out! PURE Grips has a new golf grip on the market and its one SUPER tacky grip golfers are eager to stick their hands to.

When selecting the perfect golf grip, golfers should choose a grip style that feels secure and comfortable. As they say, different strokes for different folks! Let’s check out the NEW PURE Super Tack (ST) golf grip and see how it compares to other PURE Grips.

Bringing Tacky Back: A Sneak Peak at the New PURE Super Tack (ST)
PURE Grips new golf grip: The PURE Super Tack (ST)

Grip Texture & Feel

The PURE Super Tack (ST) or as we like to call it, the PURE ST, is our tackiest grip. This full-swing grip is ideal for golfing in southwest regions and for those that like a “super” tacky grip that will also absorb some vibration. The PURE ST features a perforated wrap design, resembling the iconic style of golf grips that used strips of leather wrapped around the shaft. The wrap design provides a slightly softer, muted feel and is most preferred by golfers with standard size hands and those who do not prefer to wear a glove.

Did we mention this is our most cost effective grip? We want golfers to have the best grips, even during these hard economic times. Without sacrificing the PURE quality we are known for, the PURE ST offers the same durability at a cost the most frugal golfer will appreciate.

Grip Specs:

Grip Size Options:   Standard

Grip Core Sizes:  .600 round (Standard/Midsize)

Grip Color Option:  PURE Black

Grip Weight:   50 grams

  • Weight variance +/- 1 gram (It’s a quality thing! Always striving for PURE-perfection.)

Grip Comparison

So, how does the PURE ST compare to other PURE Grips?

The PURE ST offers a softer, more muted feel than the PURE Pro and PURE DTX. It has the tackiest texture a PURE grip can offer, which is how it earned the “Super Tack” name.

What Customers Say

What exactly are PURE customers saying about the new PURE ST golf grip and PURE Grips? Well, see for yourself:

“I've been using Pure Grips for years. They're the best grips on the market. They last the longest and work well in all climates, especially if there's any moisture (from rain or sweat). Installation is incredibly easy if you have an air compressor. Re-gripping your own clubs takes minutes instead of hours. No tape to remove and re-apply. Just slide the old grips off and slide the new ones on.”

-J. Johnson, PURE Grips Customer & Reviewer

Let’s just say PURE Grips is bringing tacky back, in the best way possible. Choose the PURE ST golf grip for the softer feel, classic design, and unmatched tackiness.

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