A Golfer's Guide to Easter

A Golfer’s Guide to Easter

This year's unprecedented events will make it a bit more challenging to go about our traditional Easter celebrations. Try adding some of these tee-time twists to your Easter Sunday scramble!
Spring has sprung! The weather is warmer, the grass is getting greener and Easter is approaching in just a few days. This year will make it a bit more challenging to go about our traditional Easter celebrations; family gatherings, Sunday masses, community egg hunts, and Easter brunch will not be included in our plans. Let’s not spoil our spirit and let the lack of tradition damper the Easter festivities this year. No! This is a year to adopt new traditions and get creative with our congregations (or lack thereof).

We put our thinking caps on and came up with some tee-time twists to add to your Easter Sunday scramble:

“Smashing Eggs”

What’s needed:

  • a large, open area
  • goggles
  • poncho
  • real eggs
  • colored sharpies
  • golf clubs

Your kids will be super egg-cited about this idea because it’s about to get messy. Take a couple of eggs and have your kids draw faces on them. Now take those eggs, along with your clubs, goggles, and ponchos to a park or large open area. Place one egg on the ground, grab a golf club, give a good swing and watch as the egg turns to smithereens! If you choose to do this in your backyard let’s hope you don’t get eggs on your neighbor’s windows. This is a great way to practice your golf swing, have a little fun while doing it and the best part… everyone wins!

Give a golf-themed Easter basket

It is time to forget the jelly beans and think outside the tee box. Here are some ideas to create the ultimate golf lover’s Easter basket:

  • Nothing gets us in the spirit for Easter like spring colors, so why not include some pastel golf balls in your Easter golf basket. Wrap them individually in little cellophane candy bags with twist ties or leave it as a set.
  • Every golfer needs a golf towel. Go above and beyond for your loved ones and get them a personal embroidered golf towel.
  • If you want some sweet treats that will melt a golfer’s heart, get some of these chocolate golf balls to fill your Easter basket.
  • If you are making an Easter basket for an adult, better include some shooters! What adult doesn’t love a round of shots to go with their round of golf?
  • If you are building an Easter basket for your kids, consider getting them a fun head cover. Golfing will be that much more exciting for your kids if they can bring their favorite superhero along.
  • An Easter golf basket wouldn’t be complete without a PURE Grips personalized putter grip. Whether you are shopping for Grandpa or the junior golfer in your family, it is a par-fect gift for golfers of all ages. Personalize it with custom text, a logo, or design. Choose from 3 PURE putter grip sizes and various color options: PURE Classic Putter, PURE Midsize Putter, or the PURE Oversized Putter. There is nothing better than following up Easter brunch with some practice on the putting green.
  • If your Easter basket still doesn’t scream golf loud enough, put all your items in a golf range basket. Fill it with some Easter grass, wrap it in cellophane and tie a bow with some golf-themed ribbon.

“Putt Break”

What’s needed:

  • A grassy area
  • putter
  • eggs
  • Sharpie
  • 1 golf ball

If you have ever played bocce ball, this game will feel a bit similar but requires much more finesse. Give 2 eggs to each person and have them write their name on them. Choose a starting point and toss the golf ball away from you. From the starting point, and without breaking the egg, try to putt the egg as close to the golf ball as you can. The person whose egg is still standing and the closest to the golf ball wins.

Celebrating in a non-traditional fashion can be thrilling, uplifting, and fun for the whole family. Who knows, maybe some of these Easter golf games will become a part of your new tradition.

That’s all yolks! Have a healthy and Hoppy Easter!