Golf On A Budget

6 Tips “Fore” Golfing on a Budget

Want to go golfing without breaking the bank? Chances are, you don't want to spend a fortune on new golf gear. Check out our newest blog - we've got some money-saving tips for getting out on the green!
Golfing is a great way to get outdoors and spend some quality time with family and friends. However, getting out on the golf course adds up quickly! Chances are, you don’t want to spend a fortune on golf gear. If your game isn’t as good as the pros but you still want to enjoy the game of golf on a budget, we have got some tips for you to keep it frugal on the fairway:

Budget-friendly options

The most important piece to your game are golf clubs, but they are also the most expensive. Don’t worry, you can buy second hand golf clubs for a fraction of the price. If you are looking to golf on a budget, chances are you don’t mind not having the newest golf technology. A simple set of clubs will do. Golf clubs are generally sturdy, even if they are a couple years old. However, the grips on your “new” golf clubs are bound to need replacing.

Wait, but I thought we were golfing on a budget? Now I need new golf grips too!?

Trust us. You don’t want to go golfing with old, worn out golf grips. They will most likely tear up your gloves and hands. Luckily, there are budget-friendly options for replacing those worn out grips that will make your clubs look and feel brand new. PURE Grips offers a cost-effective golf grip, the PURE Super Tack (ST). Without sacrificing the quality PURE Grips is known for, the PURE ST features a perforated wrap design, resembling the iconic style of golf grips that used strips of leather wrapped around the shaft.  Due to the Super Tack compound, the PURE ST offers a super sticky, shiny surface and will help absorb some vibration on impact. The PURE ST is a great grip choice for the frugal folks!

Subscribe to Sales.

This requires patience, as we want everything NOW! But, with a little bit of patience you can get an even better deal on your favorite golf equipment. Wait until new models arrive at the store and old stock is marked down. The previous year’s golf equipment models will always be cheaper and retail stores want it off their shelves. Even looking for special holiday sales is another great way to snag some golf gear while saving a few bucks. If you are interested in a particular piece of equipment, subscribe to the company’s marketing emails so when the right deal appears in your inbox, you can get what you want at a discounted price.

Speaking of sales, PURE Grips is currently having a 25% off sale! Get 25% your entire order over $100, today through August 17th, 2020! No code needed, discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Save on the Green Fees.

Golf courses commonly charge higher rates in the morning and on weekends. The lowest (and best) rates are after sunset when the greens are almost empty. Book your tee times in the afternoon, especially after 3PM when rates tend to go way down. In the summer months there is enough sunlight to get a full 18 holes in with these afternoon rates. Save money, golf a full round, and less golfers on the course, sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

An Excuse for Exercise

No need to pay a cart fee if you can walk the course. You can escape the heat (and save on green fees, as mentioned earlier) if you play after sunset. Some courses have a lengthy walk between each hole so be sure to do your research and know the course before you find yourself walking too many miles!

Affordable attire.

There’s no need to buy a whole new wardrobe to go golfing. You can wear a simple ensemble: collared polo shirt, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. Chances are you have all this in your closet already, or some version of it. A new golf outfit won’t improve your game, so stick to investing in the golf gear that matters. If you absolutely do not have golf-appropriate attire, wait until the winter to shop for your wardrobe. Pro shops and retail stores unload the previous spring/summer collections before the next season’s inventory arrives. You might not have the newest designs, but you can still upgrade and save some money!

Be sure to check with the golf course on their dress code prior to ensure you meet all their dress code requirements.

Save on snacks.

You’ll definitely need some food on the greens to keep your energy going. Food served in the clubhouse and from the beverage cart people can be costly, especially if you plan to have a few drinks. For example, a sports drink at the course is around $6, while that same sports drink is $2 at your local grocery store. Do this a couple times, and you’ll really see how you start to save money. This cost is even higher if you plan to have some adult drinks. Be sure to plan ahead by preparing snacks and bringing drinks from home. Pack a small cooler that you can either carry or will fit in your cart.

Golf is a game for all, so say goodbye to high costs because there are ways to play without emptying your wallet. Use these tips to help cut down your golf expenses and be more frugal so you can play more frequently!