6 Benefits of Working for a small employer

6 Benefits of Working for a Small Employer

Now more than ever, job seekers are turning to small businesses to further their expertise and broaden their horizons.
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Searching for a new job can be both exciting and overwhelming. In today’s market, the opportunities are plentiful, but so is the competition.  A flood of applicants makes scoring an interview nearly impossible unless you have an inside source… especially in large companies. That’s why now more than ever,  job seekers are turning to small businesses to further their expertise and broaden their horizons.

So, what do small businesses offer that the big guys don’t?

Commitment - it’s a two-way street

Small companies and family-owned businesses are able to provide a higher level of commitment to their employees’ success. In return, employees of small businesses have the same commitment to the company and to their fellow co-workers. This loyalty translates to a workforce composed of people who genuinely enjoy going to work and “like” the people they work with.

Voice - be heard

The sheer size of small businesses means employees can be heard! Typically, small company settings foster an environment where employees are more comfortable offering their ideas, opinions, and concerns.  In other words, small businesses provide an open door atmosphere where employees feel they can approach management without fear of retribution. As a result, small businesses tend to have higher employee morale, lower turnover, and a more harmonious environment.

Stability - it’s their livelihood too

Family-owned businesses are typically operated by leadership with a lengthy lineage.  That means management is invested and committed to creating a successful, stable work environment for their employees and for themselves. Less drastic business changes and the unlikelihood of total management makeovers increase stability offered by small businesses.

Flexibility - less red tape

Small businesses by default have less red tape and more flexibility than that of large corporations.  When employees and management are in close contact, it is much easier to feel empathy towards an employee’s situation. Large corporations have less flexibility with their processes and policies, allowing for less exceptions when an employee is in need.

Cross-training - learn more

When you work for a small employer, employees tend to wear many “hats”.  Therefore, opportunities for cross-training and learning other areas of the business is plentiful in small businesses.  Large corporations tend to have more rigid processes and fixed job duties that don’t allow for continued growth and learning.

Transparency - be in the know

With today’s world, candidates seek transparency more now than ever before. After a very uncertain year, it is paramount for employers to be transparent about where the company is headed and to communicate that to its employees. Large corporations typically conceal this information and disseminate to employees only when it is absolutely necessary. Smaller companies, however, are more apt to convey information to employees.  

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