2020 PGA Merchandise Show Recap

2020 PGA Merchandise Show Recap

PURE Grips attended the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show for their 10th year and as always, their presence did not go unnoticed.
This January 2020, Orange County Convention Center opened its doors to the 67th PGA Merchandise Show, a trade-only exhibit for PGA, LPGA, industry professionals, and golf buyers. The show featured over 1000+ exhibitors and attracted over 40,000 attendees from around the world.

The show kicked off with a Demo Day on January 21st, which is the world’s largest professional golfing event. The Demo Day was hosted at the Orange County National driving range, the largest driving range in the nation with a renowned circular layout. Golf professionals from all over the world flock to this event each year to test out the latest and greatest golf equipment and technology.

Orange County National driving range. Photo credit: https://ocngolf.com/driving-range/

One collaboration that received attention was the partnership between John Deere and Ping, whom together brought a larger-than-life functional putter: a John Deere excavator with an extremely oversized Ping putter as it’s mechanical arm. Demo Day attendees were encouraged to hop in the driver’s seat and putt a ginormous golf ball with the half-excavator, half-putter build.

Photo credit: https://www.pgatour.com/equipmentreport/2019/07/10/john-deere-ping-make-design-biggest-anser-putter-ever.html

The indoor festivities started on January 22nd where all major golf equipment manufacturers were showing off their newest products and innovative technology to hit the market in 2020. Amongst the 1000+ exhibitors was PURE Grips, a golf grip manufacturing company based out of Mesa, Arizona. This was PURE Grips 10th year attending the PGA Merchandise Show as an exhibitor and for another year in a row, their presence did not go unnoticed.

PURE Grips Booth #1701 at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

A Game-Changing Combination

Amongst all the new product releases for 2020, PURE Grips stole the attention of golf enthusiasts with the announcement of the Combo grip, a fusion of their two most popular grips: the PURE DTX and the Pure Pro. The Combo grip will boast less taper, provide a grippier left hand and softer right hand. The Combo grip will hit the market this Spring 2020 and will be available in standard size with 7 different color options: Pure Black, Driver White, Titanium Grey, Rhythm Red, Caddie Blue, Pitch Purple, and Players Green.

3D Rendering of the new PURE Combo Grip


Hanging with the Pros

Many world-renowned golf professionals walked amongst the crowd, including PURE Grips Ambassador, LPGA Tour Player, and Thyroid Cancer Survivor, Liz Nagel. The PURE Team was thrilled to meet Liz and even snuck in a photo op!

LPGA Tour Player Liz Nagel and the PURE Grips Team. Customized PURE Grips for Liz Nagel

Liz Nagel learned to golf at the age of 4 and started competing at the age of 8. Liz had her rookie year in 2015 and has made major strides in the LPGA over the last couple of years. As an expression of PURE Grips’ gratitude for the partnership with Liz, they created her an exclusive custom grip set. This grip set featured Liz’s personalization with her name and the cancer ribbon to signify Liz’s victorious fight against thyroid cancer.

In addition to Liz’s appearance, the PURE Grips team was thrilled to be visited by Professional Long Drive golfers (and brothers!) Mike Dobbyn and Mitch Dobbyn.

Professional Long Drive golfer Mike Dobbyn stops by the PURE Grips booth

PURE Grips is Making Some Noise

PURE Grips was making some noise this year (literally!) with their PURE Grip installation demonstration. Crowds surrounded the PURE Grips booth as Scott Curry, PURE Grips Executive Vice President, demonstrated what might possibly be the fastest grip installation technique seen yet. Using the PURE installation kit, PURE Grips are easily installed with no tape or solvents, just compressed air. This installation method truly changes the game for club fitters and professionals alike; PURE Grips can be installed and ready to play within minutes.

Executive Vice President, Scott Curry, demonstrates the PURE Grip self-installation 

A Bright Future for PURE Grips

PURE Grips made a statement this year with a new, brilliant "Par-Tee Pink" grip that stopped attendees dead in their tracks. The new Par-Tee Pink grip even had men saying “I want these on my clubs!”. The Par-Tee Pink grips will come in the standard and undersize Pure Pro style and will be available for purchase through the PURE Grips website this March 2020!

PURE Grips new Par-Tee Pink PURE Pro grip

Needless to say, the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show was a PURE success! So now countdown begins, only 346 days to go until the 2021 PGA Merchandise Show. What will PURE Grips do to shake up the golf market in 2021? You’ll have to wait until next year to find out!