The golf season is in full swing, but are you ready for the game? Here are a few tips to make sure you’re ready to play PURE this golf season.
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The golf season is in full swing, but are you ready for the game?  The PURE Grips Pros are giving you the top tips to make sure you’re ready to play PURE this golf season.
    1. Make sure you have a clean towel ready for cleaning your grooves and golf balls.

      Avoid the dreaded “Mud Ball” this season & always have a towel ready to clean your golf ball & to clean the grooves on your club.

      2. Check that you have enough balls, tees, and ball markers.

      Don’t come up short on the course, make sure to keep your bag stocked with balls, tees, and ball markers.

      3. Protect yourself from the hot summer sun!!

      Stock up your bag with spray-on sunscreen rather than traditional sunscreen lotion! This avoids any lotions getting on your hands and making your grips slippery. And make sure to wear a breathable hat to keep the sun off your face!

      4. Don’t let humidity spoil your swing!

      Gear up with a new glove to make the most of hot, humid conditions this golf season! And for some extra defense against the humidity, carry some baby powder to use for all moving parts.

      5. Bring some cash along.

      Whether you’re making a bet with your golf squad or hitting up the beverage cart for a mid-day refreshment make sure to bring along some cash to maximize the on-course fun.

      6. Always remember to bring along your good luck charms!

      It never hurts to bring along your lucky rabbit's foot or favorite ball marker for that extra bit of good luck on the course.

      7. Things to LEAVE at home:

      Make the most of your day on the course and leave the unnecessary stuff at home!!  Leave behind your cell phone, ball retriever, a bad attitude, and anything else that might distract you from playing your best and having a great time.

      8. Check your grips!!

      Check to see if your grips are getting slippery, losing tack, appearing cracked, showing shiny patches, or have faded or bare spots. If you are seeing any of these signs, you need new grips!

      PRO TIP: PURE Grips are guaranteed to last an entire season, so you can spend more time worrying about your game on the course & less time worrying about your grips.

      9. Get all your extra gear ready to go.

      Take a couple minutes to check out your other gear and make sure everything is ready to hit the course.  Check the battery on your rangefinder and have a divot tool stocked in your bag.  For the golfer who wants to go the extra mile here are some ideas for extras to make your golf day even better: a Koozie, pack of business cards, bluetooth speaker, a bottle opener, and whatever else you may want on the course!

      10. Never forget to hit the 19th hole!

      Whether you play your game with the 19th hole spirit all day long or keep it serious always make sure to round out your round of golf right & head to the 19th hole!

      Now that you’ve got a grip on all the essentials you’ll need on the course this golf season… go out there & hit ‘em straight! We’ll see you on the course!!

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